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“My goal is to give as much love as I can. If it’s a skateboard, a smile, or a colorful tie. Be happy you’re alive.” – TTjr

I grew up in a neighborhood where fashion didn’t exist. It wasn’t uncommon to wear the same thing to school three days in a row. During winter most kids came to school without boots, we wore plastic bags over our shoes instead. My mom packed two lunches for me so I could give one away, if she didn’t kids would steal my food. Growing up we shopped at thrift stores because we had to. Fashion became a way for me to express myself and be different.

Doing Good

Bows for Boards

is an idea to give a % of each tie to help complete a longboard/skateboard and give it to an underprivileged student in the NY public school system. We raise awareness by making videos and organizing races. Eventually the goal is to have the first ever longboard/skate park in a warehouse in Brooklyn open all year. It will also have areas designated for wood work and other classes for anyone interested in learning, teaching, or improving a skill set. It’s a motivation center. Paid for by sponsors and TTjr.

Donate for Good Karma


“If you are fortunate enough to dress up, you are capable of helping others.” -TTjr



Thaddaeus Timothy Jr. Upcycled Shirts from Tristan Nash on Vimeo.


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